(Photo by Ben Knight: WORDSIMAGESMUSIC)


How was the band formed and what’s the story behind the band name?

TBF: DEAD WOLVES was formed in the wake of one band, the winding down of another and by stealing a drummer for a guy you just met on the train. Unlikely circumstances led to getting together for one jam which would change all our lives and we knew it from the very first moment. Bones – I remember it so clearly, I had set up the drums and Pat and Heath had their guitars pretty much ready to go and in walks Callum. He sat down at the drums and after half a second of getting comfortable he did the craziest drum fill all around – the kit hitting every drum in a blink of an eye. It was in that moment that i went “GOOD GOD!!! Well there it is, that’s the drummer I’m gonna have til the day i die”. The Story behind the name has many different forms, even within my own head, but the one that stands out in my mind is that I selfishly wanted something that sounded cool, on the off chance that someone like Conan O’Brian or any late night host would introduce me and say “Our next guest is Bones of Dead Wolves” and i just thought it would sound cool but it also has reference back to one of my favorite bands of all time, The Dead Boys.

You’ve just returned from a tour in Melbourne. How was it? How does the Melbourne scene compare to Brisbane?

TBF: Our Melbourne Adventure was easily one of the funnest things we have ever done as a band and probably also just as individual people. We played some of our best shows with insanely high energy, which they loved, because they get alot of great bands down there. But in most cases they are all very professional and us as Proud Brissy Boys had to show them just what the Sunshine State has to offer, and that meant alot of bare skin, open hearts and a warm embrace with our punk rock arms.

What is the Dead Wolves creative process?

TBF: The creative process for when it comes to WOLVES is pretty crazy. It is a lot of a “don’t over analyse it” approach. We have over 40 songs written and recorded and it’s the ones we are yet to produce that we are the most interested in. It’s the best way for it to be because I’ve seen a lot of bands sit on songs, a style or an idea of what they think the band should be and it’s never healthy. There’s a reason why all the WOLVES stuff is now coming out under our own DIY group called CONSTANT-CREATION-CAMP.

There are some pretty intense personalities on stage? What’s the dynamic like on and off stage?

TBF: I can only speak for myself on this but I try not to think about the idea of separating on and off stage. Being on stage is home for me but that’s because i think of it as just a huge house party where all my best friends are invited, and the person right there in the front row will probably but up next standing right where I am now. That’s the beauty of music and its ability to pull us out of our selves and if done right, you can hold a moment where every meaningless thing is washed away. That’s what we try to do every time we play no matter if its in a rehearsal room, or to people on a stage with lights and smoke.

What is the most memorable gig you have played?

TBF: The best thing about a DEAD WOLVES show is that every single one of them is memorable for the good moments and the bad. It’s moments where you get to play on the same stages where you have seen your  heroes perform that blows my mind. For example we played The Zoo for the first time; I just had to stand in the exact same spot for about a minute, because I knew that was just where Mark Lanegan had stood and continuously shot glares off towards the monitor guy, or like when we played The Hi-Fi ; the image of Greg from The Dillinger Escape Plan shaking the hanging PA, and everyone was so scared that it would break and crush half the audience. Yeah we try and make every moment memorable.

What equipment do you use on stage?

TBF: (KISS) Keep It Simple Stupid – 1 Vocal, 1 Guitar, 1 Bass and 1 Kit that is losing cymbals and toms everyday now. Not having to rely on too much gear just makes the connection between band and audience just that much more real.

Dead Wolves are playing EarCandy #5. Have you been to an EarCandy event before?

TBF: Yeah we have all been to an Earcandy, sometimes even playing. David BeeTea is a bloody legend!!! Always putting on amazing bands and looking after the tasty Brisbane music scene with things like his Blog (

What bands are you looking forward to seeing?

TBF: The whole event is gonna be fun because it grabs from a lot of different friends groups that, together, can have one hell of a wild night and hopefully we can meet a lot of new people. We just played The Underdog for Zed’s Birthday Bash and finally met the guys from Forward Beast, and yeah keen to hang with them and again and check out their set nice and early.

What is “earcandy”?

TBF: Isn’t it obvious? Earcandy is the sweet sweet nectar that can be collected by the use of a cue tip. Best time to do so is after a long night standing in front of PA speakers, and if you want to know what it tastes like just ask 1997 Mike Tyson.

What are some of your favourite Brisbane bands?

TBF: OK LETS DO THIS!!! Muddy Chanter, The Keepaways, Seismic Toss, MIdwife Crisis, Roth, Minus Nine, Columbus, Hits, 6ft Hick, Ape Farm, Rook, Ghost Audio, The Mercy Beat, Junkyard Diamonds, Waax, The Halls, New Jack Rubys, The Johnny Mustards, Sabrina Lawrie and The Hunting Party, Babaganouj, Black Deity, Frown, Waken, Giants of Science, Bmx-Ray, Smoke. Stature::Statue.

What do you think of the current scene in Brisbane? Does it need improvement?

TBF: There are only four words that need to be said, BRISBANE IS KILLIN’ IT!!! and yeah why not Tim “The Tool Man” is always welcome.

How do you pull a crowd?

TBF: Lesson 1 on pulling a crowd – BE GOOD.

          Lesson 2 on pulling a crowd – BE BETTER.

         The third and final lesson on pulling a crowd – BE IN THE CROWN WHEN YOUR NOT PLAYING BECAUSE WHY SHOULD THEY SHOW UP FOR YOU            IF YOU’RE NOT SHOWING UP FOR THEM.

What’s on the horizon for Dead Wolves?

TBF: The future paw prints will consist of releasing our new EP “BLEK SHURP” on Sat 2nd Aug at The Underdog ,then a lot more shows, one of which being our Single Launch for the track “BRISBANE” with Muddy Chanter at Ric’s Sat 6th Sept (First night of the Brisbane Festival). We really wanna get over to Japan next year and spread the love, and we have talks happening right now for a really exciting inter-state tour with 4 amazing bands, one from each state and then a Big Old Hometown Headliner. So yeah all is busy busy in the DEAD WOLVES Constant-Creation-Camp. LOVE LOVE XO


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