Who the heck is David B??”, you might ask yourself. Well truth be told, you might as well pose this question “if a bear shits in the woods and no-one is around to smell it, did a bear indeed shit in the woods?” Ah, you’re stumped. David B is David Beattie, and those who are active in the Brisbane music scene would have heard of him. He’s got his fingers in a few musical pies, including being the frontman of Anti-Thesis and Fractal Mind Implosion. He also organises mini-festivals such as EarCandy. Having said that, he’s a bit of an enigma as I can’t quite pin him down, personality-wise. I do know that he is one complicated human being who will happily pick up a guitar and play to anyone, whether it’s a crowd of 2 or 20…..or more.

David B has released a little 5 track EP “Live @ the Zeds”, a collection of live performances aptly recorded at the 4ZZZ studios. It is very lo-fi, very stripped back and oh so introspective. That’s probably the perfect term for his music. He writes songs about his own perspective on politics, love, hate, angst, depression and on himself.


The Breakdown

 Abbott’s Illogical Plan is no doubt about Tony Abbott and David B’s take on the currently confusing and frustrating political climate. It’s pretty straightforward with lyrics like “we’ll stop them from coming to our country” and “we’ll take all your jobs”, hinting at the obvious xenophobia that still exists etc. Conjures up imagery of protesters on the docks. Tired of Fighting is a depressing ditty that has a cool lullaby feel, possibly about heartbreak or being emotionally stunted. It is open to interpretation, but the lyrics and vocals are raw and full of pleading…..makes me quite sad. The acoustic does add a dramatic flair to the song though. The Mariner’s Revenge Song sounds like a sordid tale being told at the local inn. An angsty and passionate sailor’s rant; he has storytelling down to an art form. When listening to David singing this, I can actually picture the chain of events in my mind vividly. “There is one thing I must say to you, as you sail across the sea. Always your mother will watch over you, as you avenge this wicked deed.” Self-Defeated has catchy chord/ time changes and reminds me of Evan Dando’s tunes in that it’s sort of happily depressing. Along with David B’s coarse vocals and occasional American accent, I’d say the lyrics convey a general apathy about the human condition; wanting to be happy, forcing the self to be happy when you are at your lowest. IDT is somewhat along the same vein, in that it is monochromatic, if that makes sense? Bright guitar sounds coupled with introspective and pleading vocals/lyrics. There’s a hell of a lot of torment in this tune, and I respect any songwriter who channels it, unfiltered.

So there you have it. Go to David B’s Facebook page to have a listen, and you will more than likely see him on stage at the Underdog or at some random open mic night. Dude has balls, and is an all round nice guy with the ability to channel anything and everything into his songwriting.




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