A furious DIY train wreck of a band that incorporates punk rock, metal and comedy with classic results.” – I Am Duckeye

If I had known about these guys when I lived in Melbourne last year, I would have been a little more optimistic about the music scene there. This talented and high-larious Melbourne foursome reminds me of a hardcore Monty Python sketch, and they are madly talented. Sam (guitar/vox/yelling), Matt (guitar/back- up yelling/vox), Julian (sweet dirty bass) and Sean (drummer) cite comedy, punk,  Gojira, Lamb of God and the Universe as just some of their influences. This is pretty evident in their latest offering, Son of a Riff, which was launched at the Espy last weekend. This lead single has been released with a side single, The Riff, which is from their debut album Husband. Confusing, yes, and I’m not sure I’ve got it right, BUT when Sam offered me the opportunity to review the single, I took a listen. Oh man, I haven’t been on a trip like this in awhile.

So what is Son of a Riff about? Well, it’s not to be taken lightly because it is obviously NOT about cooking. Or is it? Not cooking in the traditional sense, but maybe proverbially cooking up some tasty sonic treats, about not writing a shithouse song.

“This is a song, a song about cooking riffs
A cooking song!
Not a cooking song, a song about rolling spliffs
Smoking a bong!
No not smoking a bong Matthew, but writing yourself a hit
Hitting is wrong!
Yes hitting is wrong, unless your song is utter shit

The song opens with punk-like palm muting and heavy drums, leading into an epic momentum of metal and grunge guitar parts. It builds up and progresses over really comical lyrics. The vocals remind me of the sort of conversation you’d have over the fence with your next door neighbour, or maybe the sort of conversation you’d have with someone down at the pub. I love the causal demeanour of the delivery over really good musicianship. These guys know their metal and they know how to combine various elements to make it unique. When you think of metal you can probably rustle up some imagery of doom and vikings. When I listen to Son of a Riff, I’m seeing Vikings in spaceships and a drunk unicorn wearing a leather horn protector. It’s pretty cool. This song provides comedic relief but also allows room to head bang, stomp your feet, attempt air guitar or whatever the kids are doing these days. As someone who started off listening to punk and deviating to other guitar driven genres, it’s important to feel that burst of energy from a band, and I definitely feel it with I Am DuckEye. They’re good fun!! So remember:

“Quit your bitchin’
Get in the kitchen
And cook me up some riffs”


For more info and tasty morsels: http://www.iamduckeye.com

I Am DuckEye Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-am-Duckeye/










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